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Unlimited Membership


-access to unlimited CrossFit classes and Open Gym Sessions each month

unlimited keyholder membership

-$140 month

-access to unlimited CrossFit classes

-24/7/365 Facility access (w/ key)


-8 visits 

(3-month expiration)

Punch Card

Membership Policies

  • A request to cancel membership must be submitted via the form request (below) 30 days prior to your cancellation date.

  • A membership can be paused for up to 90 days before resulting in a cancellation.  A membership pause requires a 15-day notice via the form below, and can be requested once in a 12-month calendar cycle. A second pause request is treated the same as a cancellation request.

  • A reinstated membership will be reinstated at present-day rates.

10% off membership

(available for unlimited memberships only)


-Public Service

-Same address

-Student (full time)


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