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Intro to CrossFit

Our introductory course will introduce you to the foundations of CrossFit.  In particular, we will teach the mechanics of functional movement, as defined by CrossFit. 

The course includes the following:

-Access to unlimited CrossFit classes 

-6 introductory classes (Tues & Thurs from 6:30 7:30 PM)

-open gym access during hours

-personalized coaching to ensure proper mechanics

-a community that will help you grow

All levels are encouraged and welcomed  Scaling workouts is a key component of CrossFit, and it is based on the idea that while humans require the same kinds of movements (squatting, deadlifting, etc...), the degree to which those needs are met will vary for each individual (picking up a pencil vs picking up 50# box).  For this reason, all movements are scalable.  Whether you are 100 years old, you've never worked out a day in your life, or you're a professional athlete, we are here to support you and help you prosper in your journey!  

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