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"RCCF and the entire coaching staff are the sole reason I wake up every day and put myself and my health first. It is the first gym I've ever joined that its members and coaches have truly felt like family. Before joining, CrossFit was very intimidating to me because there is a lot I am unable to do. In the last year since joining, I have been given the tools to scale lifts and other movements so I can still get a great workout in while building to RX. The coaches go over every movement before the workout and take all questions and concerns very seriously. I love this gym and am so excited to see it grow!."


Awesome gym with a great owner, coaches, and community. It’s a very welcoming, fun, and encouraging environment and the new downtown location is great. I love that I’m able to go to the gym on my own time when my schedule doesn’t allow me to make class. I highly recommend to anyone interested


I will never forget my first day dropping in for the free Saturday class and. being welcomed by the most passionate and genuine coach, Keith. Keith is PASSIONATE about CrossFit and it is contagious. His coaching is personal and WORKS. I have been able to do things I had never been able to do before in this gym. No matter who you are, Keith will believe in you and will be the push you need to meet your goals. Keith and Krista strategically have picked this location to serve Peoria and they have done it gracefully.

If you have never done CrossFit, fear not, this is a safe and quality place to learn all the moves. You will not only gain GAINSSSSS, but you will also gain a new community and friends.

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